` Histology Lab


Course Description

This course will introduce students to the cellular arrangements, morphologies and functions of the four major tissue types, connective, epithelium, nervous and muscle. Emphasis will be placed on the knowledge and skills required to identify and describe various organs at the microscopic level. Students will also acquire a good range of mental images through the repeated use of light microscopy.

The pedagogical goals of Histology are the following:

  • Appreciate the history of the study of tissues.
  • Gain acquaintance with some of the modern day techniques used to study tissues.
  • Study the structural organization and morphology of cellular components.
  • Develop comfort using the microscope to identify key structures of the various tissue types
  • Gain appreciation for the function of the various tissue types as they relate to their structures

Tentative Lab Schedule

Week 1

Introduction, brief history of the study of tissues.

Week 2

Microscopy (differences between light and electron microscopes, working with resolution) The Cell (ch. 1) & Epithelial tissue (ch. 2).

Week 3

Continuation of Epithelial tissue & skin (ch 11.). Skinning of organisms, intro to fixation. QUIZ 1

Week 4

Connective tissue (ch. 3), working with fixatives, intro to processing and cryotomy. QUIZ 2

Week 5

Blood and Muscle tissue (ch. 3 & 4), intro to staining. QUIZ 3

Week 6

Nervous tissue (ch. 5), special staining. QUIZ 4

Week 7

Exam I

Week 8

Circulatory system (ch. 8), intro to microtomy. QUIZ 5

Week 9

Lymphatic system (ch. 9), processing. QUIZ 6

Week 10

Endocrine system (ch. 10), continuation of processing. QUIZ 7

Week 11

Digestive system (ch. 12, 13, & 14), using paraffin wax. QUIZ 8

Week 12

Respiratory system (ch. 15). POSSIBLE TRIP

Week 13

Urinary, Male and Female Reproductive Systems (ch. 17& 18). POSSIBLE TRIP

Week 14

Exam II.

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