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Comparative Healthcare in Graz 2015

This past summer 18 students packed their suit cases, got their passports and plane tickets and delved right into an experience that will remain with them forever. My collaborative efforts with my colleagues in Austria proved to be an inspirational success. My students and I spent 4 weeks comparing healthcare systems. Though the course's emphasis was on healthcare, my students have acquired much more than an understanding of how the different healthcare systems work. All that you have heard about studying abroad remains true. Students gain a hidden intangible advantage that is revealed in conversation, interviews, and moments of decision making. This advantage clearly is obtained through direct interaction with another culture that allows one to better understand one's own culture and building confidence in one's understanding and ability to address concerns pertaining to one's own culture. It is no surprise that these are the type of individuals employers and professional schools are looking for.


For 18 students, this summer will be transformative. The adventure begins May 11. More info to come.

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